Manufacturing Base


 CGT registered successfully in Guangzhou in 2002 and started to develop in Chinese sport industry. We are dedicated to manufacture reliable artificial grass, interlocking floor, turf protection floor, grass tile etc. A new manufacture base in Hubei completed in 2015, total factory area is up to 120000 SQM. Providing good and stable quality product to customers all over the world.   

Tel:+8620-85578900    Fax:+8620-85578900-803
Marketing Center: Grand View Road, Guangzhou Olympic Sports Center, 3rd Floor, 3 games area
Manufacturing center: Huadu District, East Town Wang Xing Wang top top 393 Village Road
Hubei base: Shishou City of Hubei Province Jinping Avenue east side industrial park development
Record number:Guangdong ICP preparation 13006100